Music home page of Gene Shepherd, singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist.
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Call or email for bookings and a listing of my schedule.  
  Solo performances, I bring several instruments, showcasing them, demonstrating how they are
played and offer several types of music that can be played on each instrument.
If a band is needed  I  bring the type of band and entertainment needed.   

  Country, Folk, Bluegrass, Jazz, Gospel, Polka, Dance, Wedding,  or Cowboy
   grandpa Eli Shepherd ....note blond fiddle, geared tuners   Father Amos on 1935
        Kay Bass, Me on FiddleMother Arlene,
        Father Amos, Me..note blond fiddle..gear tuners
                     Grandpa Eli, circa 1960's;       Father Amos on 1935 Kay Bass:    Mother on Bass, Amos Fiddling   
Fiddling in Florida       
   Copyright 2019
Good internet site for guitar chords
Cowboy/Western Songs and Entertainment
  Below is a sampling of my home recorded songs.  To Listen type the name at the end  of
haveitoldyoulately.mp3     tenneseewaltz.mp3     waltzyousaveformeac.mp3
    wildwoodflowermaggie.mp3  redrivervalley.mp3     maggie.mp3
    columbusstockadeblues.mp3     folsumprison.mp3     ringoffire.mp3 
   santaclauson bj.mp3     renfovalley.mp3     rustyoldwagonsng.mp3    
    cannonballragstomp.mp3    sanantoniorose.mp3      ragtimeannie.mp3 
   oldred.mp3    niteriderslament.mp3    houseofgold.mp3 
  homeontherange,mp3   farmersblues.mp3    cuddleup.mp3

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